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So you just bought an iPhone, now what?

So you just bought an iPhone, now what?

So you just bought an iPhone, now what?

6 ways to be more productive with your iPhone 
From the office, to the gym and back home again, the following apps can help turn your iPhone into a tool for almost anything.


Camera apps

These are all the rage right now. Giants like Facebook and Instagram have copied the popular face filters which can digitally enhance your digital likeness. Snapchat was the originator, but camera app SNOW has the best variety currently. Choose from something simple like glasses or a hat to completely absurd filters like cat nurses and hamburgers, theres something for everyone.

But don't forget about the games: Pokemon Go keeps getting updates and there are plenty of augmented reality games worth downloading.  There is the originator called Ingress which features live action tactical gameplay. From seek and destroy games, leaving secret messages for other users of the same app, and even apps for kids that make coloring books come alive.


File management and data storage

If you are a new iPhone or iPad user, iOS can be super fast and do everything you need. However, if you start throwing in different file types or more advanced file manipulation, it can be difficult to manage everything effectively. These hurdles are even before you begin to run out of storage.

Backing up your iPhone is also a big pain if you maybe have a PC at home or don’t want to get iCloud storage.  If you want to increase your iPhone's storage , while making managing pictures, videos and music easier, look no further than iKlips. iKlips supports almost every file type you need, which makes backing up and sharing a breeze.


iPhone photography

When it comes to pushing the limits of your iPhone, VSCO cam is the best around. There are tons of presets filters and features to play with so your photos really pop.  The latest version includes newer editing features and also a community portal to share and be creative. Perfect for those who need another outlet besides Facebook or IG to be show off their work.



Some apps are in the top spot for a reason. If you upgrade to their premium versions, Spotify and Soundcloud feature offline playback for thousands of songs. 8tracks music is a good starter app, and Groove features popular offline playback for those price and data-conscious users. Soundcloud features more interactive features, while Spotify focuses on bigger artists and a better listening experience. Play around with them yourself!



Money Management

There are a couple great money managing apps out there, like Everydollar for easy budgeting. It’s a stand alone appto see exactly where your money is going. However, the top spot has to go to Mint for its integration with all your other banking needs. In one powerful app you can pay bills, check balances, make budgets and even invest.


The best fitness app would have to be MyFitnessPal. Studies show that people are more likely to make positive changes when they regularly record their progress. My Fitness Pal makes this easy with schedules, graphs and easy to use tools that track your diet and calories. The app learns your food preferences over time too, so tracking becomes faster as many people eat the same thing often. There are many other flavors of apps for running, or weight lifting as well. Google is your friend!

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