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Must-have adapter for travelers

Must-have adapter for travelers

For travelers— like you and me— juicing up our cameras, smartphones, laptops, tablets, and power banks is very important. Finding compact, useful tech gear for them is not an easy task. Usually, you have to buy adapters that are bulky and take a lot of unnecessary space on your carry-on bag. Also, to be honest… most of the travel adapters out there are not designed to be appealing to the eye.


Don’t worry… we’ve got your back! OMNIA TA502 is the world’s smallest travel adapter with a great design —specially made for you! Just because it looks small doesn’t mean it doesn’t have the power you need for your devices. The adapter has got you covered in over 150 countries! You don’t have to worry, ever again of having to buy a different adapter for different countries.

It’s such an user-friendly adapter, as you just have to slide the right plug into place, plug it into the wall, and charge all your devices at the same time. Even though this adapter doesn’t include voltage converting capabilities, it does include a built-in fuse protection to protect your devices from any potential damage by unpredictable over current situations. All your devices will be safe!

Well, there you go! Now you have the best option to bring with you on your next trip. We hope you like it as much as we do.

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